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Personalizing Your Shopify Automated Flows with CleverGIFs

Creating personalized animations to enhance your Shopify campaigns is easy with CleverGIFs. By integrating CleverGIFs into your Shopify automations you can add a unique and engaging touch to your communications with customers.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to deploying your CleverGIFs project to your Shopify account:

Setting up the Webhook

In your CleverGIFs project, copy the webhook URL provided. This URL is unique to your project and will be used to connect this CleverGIFs project to Shopify.

In your Shopify account, navigate to the automation to which you want to add the personalized GIFs. If you haven’t created one yet, create a new automation.

Click anywhere in your automation to add a new step. From the sidebar, select Actions -> Shopify -> Send HTTP request.

Connect this Step’s input to the relevant inputs.

Paste the webhook URL you copied in step 1 into the URL field.

In the JSON field, add your merge tags in place of the #### placeholders. For example, if you want to use the first name merge tag, the JSON would be:

    "FNAME": "{{customer.firstName}}"

Note: the merge tags are different here from the ones used in the e-mail.

Adding a Time Delay

After adding the webhook, add a time delay action. This will ensure that the GIF has enough time to be created before being sent to your recipient.

Set the time delay to at least 60s.

Sending the Email

After the time delay, add an email action to send the email to your recipient.

Select a template for your email, and make sure it includes your CleverGIF in a Custom Liquid block.

Adding the GIF

You can find instructions on adding your GIF to the marketing e-mail here.


And that’s it! You have successfully set up a personalized GIF in your Shopify automation. By adding an HTTP Request, time delay, and Custom Liquid block with your CleverGIF to your email template, you can easily create engaging and personalized communications for your recipients.

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