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Sending An Email Campaign With HubSpot and CleverGIFs

In this post, we’re going to walk you through the process of using CleverGIFs in your HubSpot campaigns. We’ll show you how to easily deploy your personalised GIFs to your HubSpot list and segments so that you can start boosting engagement and conversions in no time. Whether you’re looking to introduce new products or services, promote a specific offer, or flag an anniversary, CleverGIFs makes it easy to create impactful, eye-catching animations that will take your campaigns to the next level. So let’s dive in and get started!

1. Download Your Contacts

First, we’ll show you how to download your HubSpot contacts. It’s as simple as visiting your lists page (‘Contacts’ -> ‘Lists’), and clicking ‘More’ -> ‘Export’.

From there, deselect all the columns you don’t need, and add those you want to include in your export. Once you’ve selected the fields you need, click ‘Next’.

After just a few moments, your CSV will be downloaded.

Set the file format to ‘CSV’ and then click ‘Export’.

You export will take a few moments, and you’ll get a notification in by e-mail and in your HubSpot notifications.

2. Upload to CleverGIFs

Next, we’ll show you how to upload your CSV to CleverGIFs. Scroll to the bottom of your project page, and under the “Deploy Your Project” heading, select “Campaign”. Click “Choose File” and select the CSV that you just exported from HubSpot. You’ll see your names and any other information you added, entered into the box below.

With your list uploaded, you can now link the merge tags you used in your text fields with the columns in your CSV. Your first column is selected automatically, so in many cases, this step is done for you!

3. Creating Your GIFs

Finally, it’s time to create your GIFs! Simply hit the “Deploy” button, and CleverGIFs will take care of the rest. On the deploy page, you’ll be shown your options for adding your GIFs to your campaign. And that’s it! You’re now equipped with a new tool to elevate your HubSpot campaigns and engage with your customers in a unique way.

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